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"...we are a highly specialized boutique security consulting firm, and we offer an innovative, complete and very customized answer to the needs of security and integrity of private and public organizations."







 M&P Risk Agency  Investigations are an established Italiy  based Private Detective & Investigator agency based in Milan and Rome, supplying Detectives and Investigators, Process Servers & Tracing services to private and corporate clients Nationally and Internationally.


We are a fully accredited Private Detective agency, dedicated in providing discreet and effective private investigation services.


-       Corporate investigation

-       Financial Investigations

-       Asset recovery and location

-       Fraud investigation

-       Tracing and locating debtors

-       Private investigation

-       Location witnesses

-       Missing persons


With offices in Milan and Rome we can give you an effective and reliable service absolutely anywhere in the Italy (even at short notice)

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Via Del Maggiolino, 125 

00125 Roma 

mob: +39 3491463021

tel:     +39 06 2288541  

fax:    +39 06 62202053


Via Gaetano Giardino, 1

20123 Milano

mob: +39 3491463021

tel:     +39 02 8596171